Actor Mohanlal – Inverted Sculpture – Art Installation in Malls – Amazon Prime Video


The inverted sculpture of the character George Kutty from the movie Dhrishyam 2 was a unique and innovative art project that was displayed in three major malls across Kerala – Mall of Travancore, Centre Square Mall, and Shobha City Mall. The project was designed and executed by a team of skilled artists and craftsmen who were inspired by the character of George Kutty, a close observer and vigilant person in the movie.

The idea behind the inverted sculpture was to create an illusion of movement and to make it appear as if the sculpture was looking at the people walking around it. The 6 ft face was hand-sculpted using 400 kg of clay and was then taken as a fiber mold, which was used for the installations. The project was a result of meticulous planning and execution, which involved the use of advanced sculpting techniques and materials. The sculpture was designed in such a way that it would blend in seamlessly with the surroundings and create a sense of intrigue and wonder among the viewers.