Bespoke Mural + UV Mural for ARTLAB Bariks LUXE Salon


The Bespoke Mural was created for ARTLAB by Bariks group of Salons. ARTLAB had a bold and statement-making brand voice, which was incorporated into the mural’s design. The ideation of a fashion/style movement was used as inspiration, which showcased different colors, races, and people coming together to create a vibrant community.

The main mural features three faces that represent diversity in color, race, and culture. This serves as a powerful visual representation of the brand’s values and mission. The UV mural executed on the stairway to the salon is a playful and bold design that showcases the brand’s wide range of hair color options, using pop colors that evoke a sense of fun and energy.
The Bespoke Mural serves as a stunning visual centerpiece that enhances the salon’s overall aesthetic, while also reinforcing the brand’s values and messaging. It creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all, showcasing the beauty and power of diversity.