Canvas Installations – Paintings for Bangkok Town – UAE

This Thai Themed Art Project was commissioned for Bangkok Town Restaurant in Layaway Walk, Sharjah. The artwork showcases Thailand’s rich culture and stories, with a fusion of contemporary art and illustrative modern design. The color palette is a balance of cool and warm tones, inspired by the aesthetic morning hues of the sun.
The artworks are digital paintings and high-quality canvas prints, installed in the space in two sizes – 4ft x 5ft (3 nos) and 22ft x 8ft (1 nos). The set of three canvases features the Siamese Fireback, the national bird of Thailand, along with the greeting “Sawadee krap/ka” or ‘Hello’, portrayed in a hand gesture that symbolizes welcome and respect.


The hand gesture is surrounded by an auspicious geometrical pattern that represents the importance and purity of Thai culture. The result is a stunning visual representation of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage, which enhances the ambiance of the restaurant and reinforces its Thai theme.


This Thai Themed Art Project serves as an excellent example of our team’s ability to fuse contemporary art with traditional elements, creating stunning and meaningful artworks that reflect the essence of the brand and enhance the overall aesthetic of the space.