Tropical Song – Mural for Everyday Bakes

“Tropical Song” is commissioned for Everyday Bakes in Kerala. The design was created to instill a sense of calmness while also conveying the vibrant energy of tropical flora and fauna. The abstract form of the sun is depicted using shapes and a contrast of orange and greens, which creates depth in the artwork and gives the viewer a mystical vibe.
The greater racket-tailed drongo is featured in the design, a bird well-known for its unique voice and ability to mimic the sounds of other animals, making it a true one-bird orchestra. The intricate details and use of color in the design make it visually appealing and engaging, capturing the essence of the natural world in a truly unique way.
The execution of the project was flawlessly managed, with the artists using high-quality materials and skillfully incorporating the client’s requirements into the design. As we say, we believe that art has the power to transform spaces and elevate experiences here is that example where we have evoked the tropical emotions for the viewers.