Internal Branding for GUVI, HCL

GUVI Edu-Tech, a leading online learning platform associated with HCL, approached us at Silverbrush Studio to enhance their office environment at HCL Noida. The goal was to create visual experiences that would augment productivity and reflect GUVI’s futuristic vision. We employed various artistic elements such as bespoke handpainted murals, cutting-edge 3D LED acrylic installations, outdoor vinyl branding, and a 2.5D installation to showcase the company’s journey.



To amplify GUVI’s futuristic visions, we designed a bespoke handpainted mural immersed in a captivating cyberpunk background. The mural served as a focal point in the office, representing the brand’s innovative approach to education technology. Complementing the mural, we installed a cutting-edge 3D LED acrylic installation, adding depth and dynamism to the space. The combination of the mural and the installation created a visually stunning environment that inspired creativity and reflected GUVI’s brand identity.




To showcase GUVI’s unique value proposition of uniting individuals from across the country with unique styles and visions, we created an outdoor branding design using vinyl installations on glass. This design aimed to embrace the vernacular aspect of the brand as well. The vibrant and eye-catching vinyl installation on glass served as a visual representation of GUVI’s mission to empower learners nationwide.


Portraying the main USP of the brand, uniting in- dividuals from across the country with unique styles and visions. Embracing the vernacular, we create a tapestry of voices that make Guvi truly special.
To highlight GUVI’s journey as an edu-tech company, we designed a 2.5D installation. This installation showcased the company’s evolution, milestones, and achievements. By combining various artistic elements and storytelling techniques, we created a visually compelling narrative that engaged employees and visitors alike. The 2.5D installation served as a reminder of GUVI’s growth and success, motivating employees to strive for further innovation.
Overall, this space design project successfully transformed GUVI’s office into an inspiring and visually stimulating environment, aligning with the brand’s futuristic visions and augmenting productivity. The integration of bespoke handpainted murals, LED acrylic installations, vinyl branding, and 2.5D installations showcased our commitment to creating unique and impactful visual experiences tailored our client.