Space Design and Murals – Myntra, Bangalore

We were entrusted with the responsibility of enhancing the space design for Myntra, Bangalore. The project involved designing their 4 floors, each with its unique identity that emphasized the brand values and overall outlook of the company.
To achieve our design goals, we adopted a strategic approach by categorizing the four floors into four themes that reflected the brand’s core values and operations on each floors. We incorporated various design elements such as infographics, hand-painted murals, and aesthetic vinyl wallpapers that reflected the characteristic of each floor. Our design strategy aimed to create a harmonious work environment that fosters creativity and innovation while simultaneously creating a sense of pride and boldness among the space and its users.

The above is the design for hand-painted mural, a representation of well-known personalities expressing themselves in their purest form. It aims to foster an atmosphere of creativity and self-expression in the workspace while inspiring admiration among its viewers. The use of vibrant colors and intricate brushstrokes in this mural creates an immersive experience for anyone who lays eyes on it. The mural encourages individuals to embrace their true selves and express their unique talents and perspectives.

We proposed an integration of striking graphics, typography, and vibrant colors to elevate the work experience within the workspace. Our aim was to create an environment that not only reflects the brand’s core values but also prioritizes the emotional well-being of its employees.
The careful selection design elements has been done to evoke specific emotions and create a visually appealing atmosphere. We hope to inspire creativity, encourage productivity, and foster a sense of community within the workspace.

The interactive wall design is a perfect amalgamation of different elements from a photo studio. The typography element, “Dare to Express,” is made of acrylic cutouts with lights, adding a sense of inspiration to the passerby and giving the bright warm vibes of the studio. The design also features a space for employees to express themselves through sticky notes and a tic-tac-toe area to add a playful element to the workspace. This not only fosters creativity but also promotes a sense of community and inclusivity.