Painting the City – Murals for Maara Movie Amazon Prime Video – Chennai

Bringing back the concepts of hand painted advertisements, this project was done for Amazon Prime Video for the promotions of ‘Maara’, R Madhavan and Shraddha Srinath starrer movie. The requisite was to do something that was more akin to art rather than a typical movie poster as the film is primarily about an artist and was specifically looking for something that was accessible to people with which they can interact on the street.

The designs for the murals were inspired by the magical and surreal themes of the film, and the project aimed to revive the traditional art form of hand-painted advertisements. Post the Design phase, the project was executed by a team of 12 skilled artists and 3 site managers, who completed the work in a timeline of 7 days. The use of skilled artists and high-quality materials ensured that the murals were visually stunning and impactful, drawing attention from passersby and creating a buzz around the film.
The execution of the project was flawlessly managed, with site managers ensuring that the work was completed to a high standard, within the timeline and budget. The resulting murals were not only successful in promoting the film “Maara” but also celebrated the art form of hand-painted advertisements and demonstrated the value of skilled artisans in creating visually striking works of art.