Canvas Installation – Roedeer London Clothing – Tibilisi, Georgia

Titled as “Mannequins”, is a professionally crafted mixed media painting on canvas, measuring 5ft x 6ft, created for the esteemed fashion brand Roedeer London Clothing based in Tibilisi, Georgia. This vintage-themed artwork was inspired by the fashion trends prevalent in London during the early 1980s, and serves as a canvas to showcase the brand’s exquisite fashion collection.
The concept behind “Mannequins” is to celebrate the intersection between art and fashion, where the canvas serves as a platform for showcasing the finest fashion statements ever made. The painting features a captivating mix of vintage-inspired elements, including intricate patterns, bold textures, and stunning color combinations that transport the viewer back in time.
The canvas was expertly crafted using a range of mixed media techniques, including acrylic paints, markers, and spray paints, to create a visually stunning and immersive experience. The artwork is a testament to the creativity and technical prowess of the artist, who has expertly captured the essence of the vintage fashion scene in London during the 1980s.