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    Stories Social - Logo Design

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Stories Social is a dynamic Marketing and Communications agency located in Kochi, Kerala, India. They specialize in providing comprehensive marketing and communication solutions for brands, movies, and individuals. As part of their branding efforts, Stories Social reached out to us to create a visually appealing and meaningful logo design that would effectively represent their brand identity and services. After careful consideration and exploration, we arrived at a unique and compelling logo concept in the form of a butterfly with hidden symbolism.

The primary objective of this logo design project was to create a distinctive visual identity for Stories Social that would convey their core values of transformation, creativity, and content creation. To bring their vision to life we arrived at a logo design in the shape of a butterfly. The butterfly, a universally recognized symbol of transformation, perfectly aligned with the agency’s mission to help their clients evolve and flourish in their respective industries.


The butterfly logo design featured a hidden pen integrated into its structure, representing the agency’s focus on content creation and communication. The pen was cleverly incorporated into the butterfly’s body using negative spaces, and defining the butterfly’s wings with a feeling of  light ray emanating from it, symbolizing the agency’s ability to shed light on their clients’ stories and ideas through effective marketing and communications strategies. For the logo’s color palette, Stories Social opted for a vibrant combination of hues. They chose a gradient of bright blues and greens, symbolizing creativity, innovation, and professionalism. These colors were carefully selected to create a sense of energy and dynamism, capturing the agency’s forward-thinking approach.

This Logo Design Project for Stories Social showcased the agency’s commitment to delivering innovative and visually appealing solutions for their clients. By incorporating symbolism and thoughtful design elements, the logo effectively represented their core values and services. The butterfly, hidden pen, and vibrant color palette combined to create a logo that captured the essence of Stories Social—a trusted partner in transformation and storytelling through marketing and communications.